Malabar Tamarind|Kudampuli|


This delectable condiment is a must-have in Kerala (India) cooking. It is called Brindle berry, Garcinia, and Malabar Tamarind in English; Kudampuli/Kudumpulli in Malayalam; and Goraka in the Tamil language.

A native tropical plant of South Asia, which is essentially used in Kerala cooking. The fruit acts as an excellent souring agent in Kerala’s spicy fish curry recipes to cut down on the fishy taste. When ripe, it turns from lemon green to light yellow. Then it is left to dry in the smoke until it becomes black and shriveled.



Nutritional Value Facts

This is also used as a flavouring and not as a fruit, and we can use no more than 1 gram in any recipe. Every 100 grams of dried Kudampuli can give:

Fiber: 1.24 grams

Carbohydrates: 17.2 grams

Calcium: 15.14 milligrams

Ascorbic acid: 10 milligrams

Fat: 1 gram

Sodium: 3680 grams

Protein: 8 grams

Health Benefits

  • Reduce Blood Sugar: Kudampuli helps to keep the sugar levels in the body under control and is therefore beneficial for diabetic patients.
  • Weight Loss: It burns the excess fat within the body, reducing weight due to Hydroxycitri acid in it.
  • Toxins: Malabar Tamarind is said to flush out toxins and has great anti-bacterial properties and can even kill intestinal worms within the intestines.
  • Tastebuds: It helps to stimulate the taste of any spicy dish and is therefore good for those who have a low appetite.
  • Ulcers: As it reduces internal inflammation, it has been a homemade cure for any gastric ulcer issue. People need to have a minimal quantity along with their normal food intake, as it is very powerful. 

Our Malabar Tamarind comes in convenient packages, and they have been dried well. These can be soaked in water for about 10 minutes before being used in Kerala fish curries. 

Texture & Taste

Once dried, it is chewy, fibrous, and highly sour in taste. Normally, the Malabar Tamarind is not consumed as such, but once its essence mixes with the curry, it is thrown out of the curry.

Recipe Ideas

This Kerala Tamarind is a magical tastemaker that enhances the flavours of the traditional Kottayam Style Spicy Fish Curry Recipe.This is a fish recipe from the central parts of Kerala. Additionally, it is also ground to a fine paste and added to coconut chutney to get that smoky, sour, kick to the chutney.