Pink Shrimps|Chemeen|Choodan|


The seafood delicacy- Shrimp is loved in India and most parts of the world. Some of the popular seafood shrimp varieties that can be bought frozen or fresh in Indian markets are pink shrimps, brown shrimps, deep-sea shrimps, and marine shrimps. In Malayalam, shrimps are called Naran, Chemeen, Choodan.


There are over 300 varieties of shrimps enjoyed all over the world. Among these, there are four types that are caught and sold in the Indian markets. These are wild-caught and even harvested from fish farms. They can be found on the east and west coast of India. They live in between rocks, ocean floors, in sand beds during the day.



Nutritional Value Facts 

A person normally requires a 2000 calorie diet daily. Based on this, the nutritional breakdown of 100 grams of Shrimp (Seafood) is:

  • Protein: 24 grams
  • Cholesterol: 189 milligrams
  • Calories: 99 calories
  • Carbohydrates: 0.2 grams
  • Fiber: 0 grams
  • Fats:  18 grams per serving
  • Sodium: 83 milligrams

 Health Benefits

The wellbeing benefits of Shrimp (Seafood) are:

  • Selenium: It cures fertility issues and improves cardiovascular health and regulates cognitive functions
  • Weight Loss: It is nutrient-rich and great for those who need to build muscles, reduce weight without losing energy.
  • Mood Upliftment: Shrimps are said to boost moods, help the brain function better, and prevent depression and memory-related issues.
  • Protein Builder: It supplies enough protein needed for the healthy growth of bones, muscles, without depositing fat within the blood and heart.

 Cut Varieties

We supply Frozen Shrimps that are peeled, deveined, and packed securely. Our varieties include shrimps with tail on, jumbo frozen shrimps, large, juicy shrimps, and also medium-sized shrimps.

Texture & Taste

Shrimp has a creamy white body that is entirely edible and absolutely zero waste protein option. The texture of the Shrimp flesh is soft, juicy, and gets rubbery and firm as you cook it.

The taste of the Shrimp is sweet and if they have been harvested from the tropical freshwaters, they are even sweeter and blend well with the local Kerala cuisines.

 Recipe Ideas

We know shrimp for its versatility, and you can make batter-fried shrimps, shrimp coconut curry, mixed shrimp fried rice, or perhaps the authentic Kerala Shrimp Roast, Shrimps simmered in coconut mix, and much more.