Vegetable Pizza Pocket


They are also known as Vegetarian Pizza Pockets, Vegetarian Calzones, or Meatless Pizza Pockets, and our vegetable pockets are frozen and ready to bake or fry processed food products.

Vegetarian Pizza Pockets are frozen, ready-to-cook, savoury pastries stuffed with vegetables, onions, and spices. They are best when fried in hot oil, but you can always bake them until they get golden and flaky on the outside. 


Nutritional Value Fact

Have a look at the breakdown of the nutrition facts of 100 grams of Vegetable Pizza Pocket

Calories: 210

Fat: 7 grams

Cholesterol: 0 milligrams

Protein: 9 grams

Sodium: 480 milligrams

Potassium: 25 milligrams


Health Benefits 

  • Calcium:  With the inclusion of cheese and vegetables, it meets the calcium needs of the body and builds stronger bones.
  • Selenium: It improves metabolic activities and stabilizes the hormone cycle in the body.
  • Low fats: It helps to control, reduce eight, and prevent obesity issues.
  • Minerals and Vitamins: A healthy blend of vegetables provides nourishment with the needed vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, and phosphorous.
  • Energy: It helps people to stay energetic, and protects against depression-related issues.
  • Fiber: It allows the body to absorb fiber, and filter the toxins within the digestive system.

Vegetable Pizza Pockets packages can be baked in a hot oven and need not out to thaw. Once they are light golden and develop a crust on top, the chicken calzone will be ready.


Texture & Taste

The Vegetable Pizza Pockets texture and taste is crunchy on the outside and soft inside with a creamy mixed vegetable filling inside.


Recipe Ideas

Give the conventional frozen vegetable pizza pockets a desi twist, with our veggie schezwan pizza recipe. Bake the Vegetable Pizza Pockets and arrange them on an oven tray. Top with schezwan sauce, and add a handful of low-fat cheese. And bake until the cheese bubbles. Serve hot.